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Jon Storm

conjures magical music from the air with swirling synths, guitars and vocals.
Time holds its breath as ancient secrets blend with haunting melody
and lyricism into Sounds of Life...



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By the pricking of my thumbs, something ALIEN this way comes....

Love that dragon!Thanks for visiting. This site is constantly evolving and expanding, so do please come by again and see what we are getting up to!

When you are done here, how about :

Storm Warning
Still available, Jon's fabulous solo album from, ooh, quite a while ago


Thoughts - expand your mind...
Some things to think about...

Soul ThiefSoul Thief - Brilliant spaced out funk/rock. Check it out!

A Place for Tales - beautifully written short fiction.

Jon Storm's Dictionary of computer jargon - at last, someone explains what it all means!

Then there's my HTML for absolute beginners - Learning the code - how to create a website using just a text editor

Found something that doesn't work, or that you just don't like? Maybe you even feel moved to tell us the site is wonderful? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email to websites15 at jonstorm.com and let us know what you think. Thanks for your help!

Apologies for the removal of the nice clickable email links from this site, but when you use those you get absolutely bombarded with spam from people using harvesting programs to gather addresses to send their garbage to. Please don't let it stop you emailing me - unless of course you are a spammer, in which case may your head fall off at an awkward moment!

Even set up as it is, I am getting spam to the contract address, which is why I keep changing it. They know, of course, that I will never, ever buy from them, but they sell their lists of stolen addresses to naive businesses who think they are lists of hot prospects.



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