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Jon Storm

conjures magical music from the air with swirling synths, guitars and vocals.
Time holds its breath as ancient secrets blend with haunting melody
and lyricism into Sounds of Life...





His fabulous album
Storm Warning
Reflections : MP3 (3.8 Meg), 4:02
: MP3 (3.1 Meg), 3:19
Follow the leader : MP3 (3.2 Meg), 3:25
Your planet turns : MP3 (3.2 Meg), 3:25
Shades of scarlet
: MP3 (3.4 Meg), 3:38
On the wall
: MP3 (3.4 Meg), 3:36
Fortune's get
: MP3 (4.2 Meg), 4:27
The jester
: MP3 (4.1 Meg), 4:26
Remembrance of times past
: MP3 (3.4 Meg), 3:39
: MP3 (2.2 Meg), 2:23
Sounds of life : MP3 (3.5 Meg), 3:44
Dreams : MP3 (3.8 Meg), 4:06


It was never about making money. Like a lot of artists, I just want my music to be heard. So I've decided to offer the whole album for free MP3 download. I'd like to thank the fans, whose encouragement and requests for albums motivated me to get this organised. I may add a few bonus tracks in future, so come back and have another look every now and again, even if you've already downloaded the whole album. Enjoy!

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How to describe Jon Storm's wonderful solo album? Contemporary alternative binary folk music, perhaps. Gorky's with a hint of Fairport, thrust forth into the new millenium. A bit like Catweasel dropping into the heart of the "tribal gathering" (with a spiked drink). The Incredible String Band, in a big freaky electric spaceship steered by Sandy Denny, would probably set their dials for the heart of this particular Storm. Personal, oddball, beautiful and entertaining. A Wifty Wafty Fuzzy buzzy screaming dreaming edgy angry consoling and soulful Nantucket sleighride-ish piece of Art. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Yearning, burning, gentle and mental, mystical music.
Halzine, Summer 2000.

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